Welcome to THE GRID
This is where you can view the tiles you own for each canvas, as well as plan out your strategy for growing your canvas cluster come time for The Merge!
  1. Connect your wallet
  2. The yellow highlighted tiles are the ones you own
  3. Click on any tile to view / collect it on OpenSea
  4. Make sure to read the Merge Rules before you start planning your canvas takeover!
    These can be found on the bottom of each GRID page.
It’s quite simple. There are two rules:

RULE #1:  All merge combinations must be rectangular by nature
  • This means no zig zags, “L” or “S”-shapes, snaking, etc
RULE #2:  You cannot merge any rectangles narrower than 2:1
  • This means the rectangle’s width can’t be more than 2x longer (in terms of tiles) than the height, and vice versa
Click to view Merge Rules
Download Token Map